5600+TripleTOF vs Orbitrap ELITE

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5600+TripleTOF vs Orbitrap ELITE

Postby cavaliersun2003 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:50 pm

Hi, all
We are just setting up a new lab and looking for an high-end MS instrument for our proteomics plateform. Previously we are more familiar with LTQ-Orbi series, although we never tried ELITE before, we can comprehense how powerful it is.
Another option we are taking seriously is the 5600+tripleTOF with SWATH function. This instrument is very new to us. We are amazed by the speed of this instument. However, I'm wondering, if there is someone here have tried 5600+, whether such high speed of data collection (100hz) compromise the spectrum quality and sensitivity.
Regarding the SWATH function, will it be a serious challenging alternative to the current DDA-based quantitation methods (including label free and mutiplex tags)?
I'm looking forward for discussion and interesting inputs from you! Thank you!


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