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Thread: Installing GD on Mac OSX 10.6

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    Installing GD on Mac OSX 10.6

    Several members of our lab recently installed Circos a program used to visualize genomic and proteomic data. The installation is not entirely straightforward. One of the most difficult parts of the installation involves installing the GD library. Since there weren't good instructions for installing this library on the internet I decided to post instructions here in case they are useful to anyone else. Good luck.

    Disclaimer: The author(s) claim(s) no responsibility for any damage that may occur from the use of any information found here or found on links followed from this document. All items and/or companies mentioned on this and other pages are or may be trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of the respective companies or individuals.

    The approach is modified from topicdesk.com which contains instructions for installing GD on Mac OS.X 10.5.

    The authors are not trained IT professionals but are bioinformaticians interested in installing Circos. None of the step by step instructions we found online were written specifically for 10.6. However, the one linked to above permitted installation on 10.6 with a couple of modifications. Through trial and error we found the following steps to work. We post in here in case anyone else might find it useful. Good luck.

    1. Setup

    Create a folder for the files:

    mkdir -p /SourceCache
    cd /SourceCache

    Get and unpack the required Jpeg-6b and GD libraries:
    Download Jpeg-6b
    Download GD

    Place the "tar.gz" files in "/SourceCache" and double click to unpack.

    2. Install libjpeg

    Copy the "config.sub" and "config.guess" files to "/SourceCache". Note that your "config.sub" and ""config.guess" files may be in a slightly different location. The commands below show where they were on my machine:

    cd /SourceCache/jpeg-6b/src
    cp /usr/share/libtool/config/config.sub .
    cp /usr/share/libtool/config/config.guess .

    Configure libjpeg as follows. Note that this was installed on a 64 bit machine. However, this method may configure it in a 32 bit format. This may not be the best way to configure the installation but it works.

    .configure --enable-shared

    Check to see if the following directories exist on your machine. Create the missing directories in the following manner:

    mkdir -p /usr/local/include
    mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
    mkdir -p /usr/local/lib
    mkdir -p /usr/local/man/man1

    Finish making and installing libjpeg:

    make install

    3. Install GD

    cd /SourceCache/GD-2.46/GD/
    perl Makefile.PL
    make test (optional)
    make html (optional)
    make install
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